Refinancing a Property

There are a wide variety of lenders which makes refinancing a real option for reducing repayments, getting extra money for improvements, another purchase or other financial needs.

You do not have to use your current bank. The choice is yours. Check here for current rates offered by the major lenders. These are current only at the stated date and are subject to change.

A valuation of your property will be required. Depending on the amount you are borrowing this can be the Quotable Values "Roll Value" for your property. Contact them to get up to date information on your property if you do not already have that. Otherwise a full valuation can be obtained through: Rex Smith of Properties Online for Central and West Auckland or John Batley of Davies Batley for Central and South Auckland.

Evidence of earnings (or your last years Profit and Loss if self employed) will be required by lenders.

You should have a clear credit rating history. This can be checked yourself or by us through Baynet/CRA Contact them. If you have had any credit problems in the past these will need to have been cleared and extra information provided to assure the lender you will not have similar problems in the future. The last thing the lender wants is problems getting your payments, or to have to sell your house to recover their money.

Contact us for more details and assistance with your particular requirements.