Business Leasing

We have 30 years experience in all types of business dealings.

As the tenant.

Like when buying a property, leasing one can be very expensive if you get it wrong. The cost of the lease is not just the rent. What are the other outgoings you will be responsible for? You have the right to negotiate on any rent changes during the lease. You do not have that right as far as insurance, rates, ground rent and many other expenses are concerned.

What also are the costs the tenant is responsible for on maintenance of the buildings and grounds? The small print can get very expensive!

Usually you will sign an agreement to lease. Like buying a property that is only the first stage agreement that you are going to do something. The arrangement is completed when you sign the full lease. Make sure it is clear what the form of the full lease will be. Get a copy of it so you and we can check what else you as the tenant will be responsible for.

As the landlord.

Who is the person who you are going to depend on to pay the rent and other bills? What is their credit rating and reliability as a tenant like?

You must check these things out before signing any agreement with them. Once signed you are committed to letting them in no matter what you might later find out about them or their business.

Talk to us first before you sign anything.

Inevitably you will have to guarantee the lease if it is in your company or trust's name.

Contact Don or Michael can provide assistance.