Notary Services

Notary Public

The notary services offered include:-

  • Authentication of documents
  • Certification of document copies
  • Witnessing signatures on legal documents
  • Administering oaths
  • Taking of affidavits

Contact the Notary, by email, or telephone 027 224 0729

When these are required for use overseas...

Electronic or Digital signing as a Notary

Worldwide there is a gradual move towards adopting e-commerce, dealing with documents electronically, where to do so will provide an enhanced service for customers and clients.

Today, most countries welcome the use of electronic signatures as a way to move beyond a paper-based environment. New Zealand, Australia (all states), the United States, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and many others have established laws regarding the signing of documents in electronic format.

I am the first and only Notary in New Zealand able to provide electronic versions of Notarial acts and instruments in a secure environment, E-Notarisation.

My digital certificate provides electronically signed and sealed documents which are ready for dispatch by email anywhere in the world. While people use various ways to sign electronically, ONLY the technology that uses industry-based standards of cryptography can fully satisfy the relevant laws. My digital signature service complies with and exceeds these requirements!

Not only is this an environmentally sound way to produce important documents, but also is much faster and cheaper than using paper and couriers.

For a further explanation of the electronic option see the note:- E-Notary Confirmation

If you have any questions about this or would like your documents to be digitally signed and provided in electronic form, please mention this to me.

Authentication or Legalisation

This is a second step that is sometimes required by the overseas recipient where my signature and seal are verified by the,

  1. Authentication Unit, Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington, an “Apostille” certificate.

    This is able to be completed electronically in conjunction with my digital certificate and is acceptable to all Countries that accept Apostille Certificates under the Hauge Convention;

    For a further explanation of the electronic option see the note:- DIA E-Apostille Confirmation


  2. Authentication Unit and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, “Authentication”.

    The process of Authentication is not yet able to be undertaken in the electronic form.

For more information on what a Notary is and the services they provide see New Zealand Society of Notaries

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